Property Management

Reaping the benefits of owning your own building but don’t like the hassle of building maintenance?

Spending too much valuable time on your building’s operational accounting or tenant vacancies?

Property management

JMS can provide you trouble-free occupancy whether you have recently purchased a building or have owned it for many years. JMS offers an “a’ la carte” list of items from which you can choose one or two services, or all services offered. From accounting and financial reporting, taking care of maintenance and vendor issues, or stabilizing operating income, JMS has the resources to handle your needs.

You will appreciate the experience JMS has with managing office buildings in the Toledo area. JMS has professionals who respond quickly to difficult or laborious situations and has reputable vendors who they work with consistently. JMS has expertise with their own buildings and can help you make your buildings have the most energy efficient building systems.

JMS is pleased to be successful in the business of owning and managing commercial office buildings for over 30 years. Implementing our property management services for your building helps you and your employees have more time to make money working your business.